Responsible – What if I was part of the solution ?

By offering an accessible description of the great principles of both the functioning of living beings and this of the oceans, we take to heart the restauration of mankind in its functions within its environment. Throughout their daily choices, each citizen bears a responsibility as well as part of the solution. Please reflect on your behaviour and on how you could be an active part in the preservation of the Mediterranean. Every action counts.

During your snorkelling session, your DUNE ‘curiosity guide’ helped you better understand the role of mankind in its environment as well as the several interactions that each of us can have with the sea on a daily basis and during aquatic activities. Such an inquiring and responsible attitude allows everyone to become, for the time of a guided water session, a privileged observer within this extraordinary sea of discovery: the Mediterranean.
Your experiences were carefully planned by a specifically trained guide who knows what can or cannot be done in terms of tactile discovery for example…
Here are a few pieces of advice for you to apply during future outings as a ‘responsible snorkeler’.

In and around the sea :

  • I observe animals without touching them, particularly if I don’t know them
  • I remain at a reasonable distance in order not to disturb mobile species
  • I chose a sand or pebble beach to get in the water
  • I wear adapted clothing, a body milk or a plant based product as a sun protection
  • I am as careful in an apparently deserted area as in a luxuriant one
  • I get informed and respect the rules that are relevant to my activity
  • I bring my rubbish back with me and sort it through

On a daily basis :

  • I use plant-based detergents
  • I use labelled products with certain environmental guaranties
  • I chose products with less packaging