Who are our customers?

‘Pleasure’, ‘family’, ‘sharing’, ‘be together’, ‘friendliness’ and ‘discovery’ are meaningful keywords to us… this is the reason DUNE Snorkeling is working toward a better approach that takes each and every customer into account. Should you be athletic or sedentary, a child, a teenager, an adult or a senior citizen, should you be fearless or shy, a good swimmer or not, we will offer you:

  • The right activities that meet up with your qualities
  • Quality sites, carefully selected to meet up with your expectations
  • Lively guided discoveries that are adapted to your skills
  • Comfortable material and technical equipment in order to set the adventure at your level.

If scuba diving is accessible to a minority of individuals, snorkelling gives you access to the wonders of the underwater world without discrimination… Come and share this experience with DUNE, we’ve made it available to you!